Q.  What kind of building can I do on my lot?
A.  Three types of buildings may be built in ECOA; a “Dwelling”, a “Garage” and a “Caretakers Cottage”.  The dwelling is of course, where residents live and the garage is for   storing motor vehicles.  The Caretaker’s Cottage is intended to be used by a person or persons who provide care for the villa, its grounds, and/or its owner(s).  Since this position is by definition a long term employment arrangement, it is expected that the rental of the Caretaker’s Cottage by a caretaker is on a long term basis.  If no caretaker is employed, the villa owners can of course, use this structure to live in along with the main dwelling.

Q.  Can I put the Caretaker’s Cottage on the weekly rental market separate from the Dwelling?
A.  No.  The Caretaker’s Cottage can only be rented separately from the dwelling if it is being used by a person or persons who are providing ongoing care to the villa, its’ grounds, or its owner(s) and the rental of that cottage is on a long term basis.  If the dwelling is being put on the short term rental market, and there is currently no caretaker in residence, then the entire lot with all its buildings (including the Caretaker’s Cottage if unoccupied) is available for use by that rental party.  In no case can the Caretaker’s Cottage and Dwelling be rented on the short term market to separate parties.

Q. Can the owner(s) live in the Caretaker’s Cottage and rent the villa separately?
A. No. If any structure on the property is being put on the short term rental market by the owner(s), then the entire property is being put on the market.

Q. Why can’t I rent out a Caretaker’s Cottage on the short term market separate from the main Dwelling?
A.  The purpose of this restriction is to protect the character of the neighborhood.  ECOA homes are unique in many ways–we have generous set-backs and we have larger lots than most high end developments, each of which is at least one acre.  We have restrictions on clear-cutting in order to nurture the lush vegetation of an elevated, north shore location.  And we do not allow the property to be sub-divided into two units for purpose of creating two, short term rentals. All of these protections preserve the single family nature of ECOA, keeping noise and traffic to a minimum while protecting the beauty of this unique setting.

Q.  How does ECOA operate?
A.  ECOA has an annual meeting, the last Friday in January, which all members in good standing are invited to.  It is usually held at one of our member’s home.  During that meeting we elect directors and officers, review committee reports, discuss matters of common interest, and vote on proposals that may be brought before the members.  As events warrant, the Directors and/or Officers may communicate with members throughout the year, usually via email.  If necessary, special meetings of members can be called by the board.

Q.  How does ECOA fund its operations?
A.  The members determine dues annually based on the needs of the association and its available funds.  The current annual dues are $500 per lot.  From time to time the members will approve a special assessment.  As of January 1, 2013, ECOA is in the 4th year of a 5 year,  $1,000 special assessment directed to paving on John Head Road.

Q. If I have questions about ECOA who may I contact?
A. Under the “Directors and Officers” tab of this web site there is a list of the elected leadership of ECOA with each person’s responsibilities and their email address. Please feel free to contact the relevant director for any question you might have.